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AKI University is the first and the only one university based on bussiness and technology in Indonesia which is able to produce students to become Technopreneurship (businessman that run and develop their businesses by relying on science and technology capabilities)

Faculty of Economics, which is one of favorite Faculties in AKI University, actively participates on producing young entrepreneurs who have capability in technology with the result that could have a role on building the nation.

If you are rich, you have to be an idiot not to stay rich. And if you are poor, you have to be really smart to get rich.

John Green


Major of Management in AKI University has superiority that is preparing the students to be Technopreneurs. A Technopreneur mostly develops his/her business with the power of inovation and technology. Students of Management are not only widely and deeply equipped by science of economics and business, but also are equipped by science of Information System and ability of using English well. The other special quality is cooperation with some companies for the students to be ready in nationally competition. Technopreneurs will have more precentage because the alumni that is produced from Major of Management not only ready to work, but far from it, able to create and open the new occupation to the other labours.

Spesialization of Study

Business Management:
Students are able to develop skills of entrepreneurial (inovation, network building, market sensitivity, courage of taking risk) also basic of business supported by Information System.

Business System Information:
Students are able to develop skills in analyzing, designing, implementation, developing his/her business and mastering on system information application.

Alumnus Profile

Businessman, Manager, Consultant, Researcher, Academician, etc.

In order to produce the alumnus based on competence who has been implemented by Kurikulum Berbasis Kompetensi (KBK) based on regulation of Dirjen Dikti about prevailing of Study Program Competence agree with SK Mendiknas RI No. 045/U/2002 about curriculum content of university. Superiority of Management Study Program which has competence based on business and technology can be seen in the curriculum which can be passed by students with 144 total of SKS, with division competence each semester as below:

Semester Credits The theme of competence of each semester

SemesterCreditsThe theme of competence of each semester
I24Have basic skills in economics, management and business and information systems.
II22Ability to analyze and make decisions on managerial economics, management and business issues.
III23Ability in designing business and information systems, as well as statistics as a business process improvement.
IV23Apply the needs of managerial, organizational and business systems.
V24Conduct analysis of opportunities and business research to formulate business strategies by utilizing the Information System.
VI18The ability to start a business by utilizing information systems.
VII4Preparing the market, launching and developing businesses by implementing Information Systems.
VIII6Research in the field of business and technology by integrating theory – the theory that acquired previously.
TOTAL144 Credits

Concentration Business management Business Information Systems

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